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Know What to Throw - Waste Simplified

Following a waste characterization study completed in 2019, we are implementing strategies from our Sustainable Materials Management Plan to reduce IU's waste footprint. A key component is to institute consistent signage and labeling across campus. For questions relating to the signage rollout schedule or about waste manage in your building, please contact Sustain IU.

Example of compost signage
Example of recycling signage
Example of landfil signage
Behind the scenes: new signage being installed

Learn more about resource use and recycling at IU

There's even more to know when it comes to resource use and recycling at Indiana University! Learn about our vision, progress and other opportunities on campus!

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Recycling Best Practices and Tips

Empty, Clean, and Dry

Be sure your recyclables are empty, clean and dry before you put them in the recycle bin. It suffices to simply rinse containers. They don't need to be sparkling clean, but there should not be much food residue.

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When in Doubt, Leave it Out

If you're unsure if an item belongs in recycling bin, leave it out. Our goal is to have a contamination rate of less than 10%. Too much contamination poses challenges for our recycling processor.

Recycling Basics

Common Contaminants

Keep these out of the recycle bin:

Food waste, soiled or wet paper and cardboard, liquid in bottles, coffee cups, and more.

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