Encouraging every Hoosier to play a role in creating a sustainable future for all

IU Sustainability seeks to empower and equip staff, faculty and students with the tools to lead the way in climate action and sustainability. Tasked with reducing the carbon footprint of IU, we collaborate with students, faculty, and staff to ensure our campus makes a positive contribution to our local and global community.

A Gold STARS Institution

Indiana University’s sustainability performance is recognized with a Gold rating by the international Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS). IU is one of 122 institutions earning a gold STARS rating among nearly 1000 colleges and universities around the globe using the STARS reporting tool.

500+sustainability-related courses


12sustainability-related research centers institutes


60+interns, externs, and scholars mentored annually


6working groups that bring faculty, staff, and students together to collaborate on sustainability solutions

500+ academic courses related to sustainability


Sustain IU identifies and promotes sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impacts while supporting an equitable and prosperous IU, now and into the future.

Sustain IU Mission Statement

Sustain IU Focus Areas


With a goal of procuring 25% REAL food by 2025, we are working with farmers and suppliers to feed IU sustainably.

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Following a waste characterization study completed in 2019, we are implementing strategies from our Sustainable Materials Management Plan to reduce IU’s waste footprint.

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From building construction to day-to-day use, we are working on optimizing the energy use of our built environment.

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By using campus as a living-lab, our interns gain valuable hands-on experiences and contribute to real sustainability work!

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…our precious islands of green and serenity—our most important physical asset, transcending even classrooms, libraries, and laboratories in their ability to inspire students to dream long dreams of future usefulness and achievement…

Herman B Wells, 1962

Sustain IU

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