Environmental Quality + Land Use

Progress Indicators

Percent of core campus acreage managed organically, without synthetic fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides
Re-inventory of all campus trees, and establish a baseline woodland campus canopy cover measurement.
Campus canopy cover. 
*Placed on a scale of 40% (i.e. possible canopy cover)

Collaborating with IU's leaders in research and campus operations.

EQLU Working Group

Open to faculty, staff, and students across all IU campuses, the EQLU working group's current focus is the tree inventory, pesticide use on campus, maintenance needs, and other valuable data for our over 12,000 campus trees. Co-chaired by Mike Girvin and Jon Eldon.

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Landscape Services

From grounds maintenance to tree care, Landscape Services ensures that our campus is beautiful, functional, and clean. This responsibility includes stewarding our natural spaces, reducing chemical applications where possible, and removing waste from outdoor spaces. 

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Research + Teaching Preserve

Under the wing of the Integrated Program in the Environment, learn through hands-on research at seven different properties owned by the Preserve!

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A resilient campus landscape

We strive to improve our campus' water and air quality, and to reduce our chemical footprint. After receiving an Innovation Fund grant in 2018, Landscape Services is in the process of increasing the amount of organic waste composted and reused on-campus.

In addition, the Environmental Quality and Land Use Working Group completed a GIS tree inventory for 2016 and 2019, collecting the condition, GPS coordinates, size, species, maintenance needs, and other valuable notes of interest on over 12,000 trees and stumps. The working group is currently evaluating changes to the woodland campus and making recommendations to improve campus landscape resilience.

Have you seen the IU Tree Inventory?

Every tree on campus––marked and labelled for you to explore. 


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