Designed to be powered by sunlight, yet also preserve its historic character, the E-House has 16 PV panels mounted on the back slope of the roof where they have a good tilt angle relative to sun during the middle of the day and where they would not diminish the street side character of the classic 1930’s home. Follow this link to access real-time energy production data of the wattage produced by our PV panels.

The E-House also features a geothermal heating and cooling system that transfers heat to and from the limestone bedrock, utilizing two 250-foot-deep vertical bore holes hidden below the back of the house.

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is used throughout the E-House. LEDs are small light sources that become illuminated by the movement of electrons through a semiconductor material. LED are more efficient and last longer than compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

The E-House kitchen feature Energy Star rated appliances which reduce greenhouse gas emissions, limit waste production and improve indoor air quality.

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We hope the building will serve as a model of a new approach to energy and the built environment on our campus, in our community, and as a learning lab for our interns.

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