Energy + the Built Environment

Progress Indicators

Percent reduction of overall campus greenhouse gas emissions from 2010 figures.
(for clearer depiction of progress, placed on an 80% scale)
Percent reduction of source energy consumption in campus buildings per square foot from 2010 figures.
Percent of eligible newly constructed or renovated building spaces that are LEED certified

Committed to energy conservation and efficiency

Energy + Built Environment Working Group

Members of the working group meet monthly to collaborate on energy efficiency and supply initiatives on campus. Co-chaired by Mark Menefee and Stephen (Chip) Glaholt. Contact Sustain IU for more information.

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Energy Challenge

The Energy Challenge is an annual competition between buildings to save electricity and water, by encouraging Hoosiers to make small behavior changes for sustainable impact. Winners are chosen and resources are saved-- all over campus!

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LEED Buildings

IU is a leader the Big Ten in LEED green buildings with 23 built to LEED standards to date, including 13 at the gold level. This strategy pays dividends for the life of each building in terms of occupant health and productivity, resource efficiency, life cycle cost savings, and retention of human capital.

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IU is devoted to sustainable building design

To carry out this promise, the University is committed to building and renovating healthier, less wasteful, energy efficient buildings in which to learn, work, and live. Discover current and future LEED buildings and read the Integrated Energy Master Plan.

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Integrated Energy Master Plan

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