Power Down

Support efficient heating/cooling:

  • Unclutter areas near thermostats and vents
  • Properly shut all outside windows 
  • In hot weather: close window blinds
  • In cold weather: open window blinds
  • Shut all laboratory fume hoods completely

Turn off unused equipment:

  • All lights
  • Monitors, keyboards, and mice. To ensure software updates, do not turn off your laptop or desktop computer
  • Laboratory equipment not necessary for safety or ongoing research
  • Digital signage and television screens
Please power down your own work space only.
Recommendations above have been reviewed by UITS.

Unplug appliances:

  • Anything with a clock or timer such as coffee makers and microwaves
  • Unused docking stations and chargers
  • Fans
  • Personal refrigerators-- only if emptied, cleaned, defrosted, and with the door left open several days before leaving
  • Take all unused personal equipment home. 

It all adds up. Do your part. We should all do our part to save university resources by taking responsibility for our work spaces. The savings may be small on our own, but it adds up when we all contribute.

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