Energy Challenge

Campus buildings are grouped by similar use during the competition; ranging from athletic buildings, to administrative offices, to dorms. Before the competition begins, a baseline of water and electricity usage is measured. Progress is tracked throughout the competition, and winners are determined by percent reduction against their own baseline. 

What you can do to play a role in saving the world

  • Take the stairs whenever possible!
  • Unplug your devices.
  • Turn off the lights whenever you leave the room—including bathrooms, classrooms and meeting spaces!
  • Wash your laundry with cold water
  • Take short and cooler showers
  • Post pictures of how you are saving in the Energy Challenge on social media and use the hashtag #PowerDownIU!

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Want to be a champion for your building?

Help ecourage others and be an advocate for sustainablity. The Energy Challenge’s goal is to promote shifts towards sustainable living that persist beyond the conclusion of the challenge. 

Start a Green Team in your office today