2020 Campus Catalyst Awardees


Here's to all the champions catalyzing sustainability work on campus. You are appreciated, and we value all that you do to sustain IU.

Since 2012, the annual Campus Catalyst Awards have recognized individuals, departments, and offices that have made a significant difference in the classroom, on campus, and within the community-- to exemplify IU’s continuing efforts to become a sustainable institution and set an example for environmental stewardship and responsibility.

Excellence in Teaching Award - Jon Eldon

For excellence in developing pedagogy and curriculum which reinforce and advance principles of sustainability through course design and instruction at Indiana Univeristy Bloomington.

What Jon's nominator wrote about him: "Professor Eldon has demonstrated an ability to creatively solve environmental issues while incorporating experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students. He pushes his students to provide meaningful work that can be applied immediately by Indiana University’s staff. What’s more, Jon Eldon serves as a positive figure for both students and staff by always striving for progress and following through on his commitments."

Staff Innovation Award - Andrea Webster

For outstanding contributions and achievements in advancing campus sustainability initiatives addressing sustainability challenges with overlapping and complex ecological, social, and economic dimensions at Indiana Univerisity Bloomington.

What Andrea's nominator wrote about her: "Andrea created the idea of the Resilience Cohort and successfully launched the program in 2019. She has accomplished a feat that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago--getting 14 Indiana communities to complete greenhouse gas inventories. The Cohort is having a MASSIVE impact on climate action and preparedness across the state. Without her leadership and creativity, this program would have never happened and Indiana would not be prepared for climate change."

Student Leadership Award - Amani Khoury

For displaying leadership characteristics that have guided campus sustainability initiatives with overlapping and complex ecological, social, and economic diemnsions at Indiana University Bloomington.

What Amani's nominator wrote about her: "Amani Khoury has demonstrated outstanding leadership by organizing the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on the Bloomington Campus. Amani brings creativity and organization to the planning and represents the highest values of student leadership. Her advocacy for the the environment is clearly evident by her dedication to the planning of this event - which is designed to inform others about the need to protect our planet."

Charles Carroll Matson Mentorship Award - Mark Menefee

For exemplary service as a mentor to Indiana University student sustainability interns

Mark Menefee has long served as a co-chair for the Energy and Built Environment (EBE) working group and mentor to the EBE intern. His nominator writes: "[Mark] has shown time and time again the progress he plans and implements with sustainability within energy and the built environment. He provides excellent insight, advice on career and academic goals, as well as a realistic view of what to expect in certain situations. He has been an excellent mentor."

Emilie Kristin Rex Internship Award - Emma Schuster

For exemplary service as an Indiana Univerisity student sustainability intern

Emma epitomizes what it means to be an outstanding intern with Sustain IU. Leading the food working group, Emma nimbly executed the Big Red Eats Green food festival, and she collaborated on an extensive and data-intensive REAL food tracking project. She has been an excellent team member, trusted and valued by the Sustain IU team.

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