Creating a network of sustainability

Are you a business, nonprofit, or city/town that would like to advance sustainability within your organization? Host a summer Climate Fellow for summer 2022! Click below to learn more and apply. Applications for 2022 will open in October 2021.

Partner Overview 

Building Indiana’s sustainability workforce capacity

Partner Commitment

  • Supervise and mentor Climate Fellow during Summer externship
  • Draft fellow job description (with program support)
  • Provide financial support to Climate Fellows program
  • Provide expertise during 3-day Boot camp training (if desired) or provide a host site visit
  • Identify or provide local housing for fellow


Partner Benefit

  • Highly skilled staff: professional and trained undergraduate/graduate student to tackle your sustainability challenges
  • Expanded capacity: full-time student working 10 - 12 weeks to work on your sustainability challenges
  • Streamlined hiring process: Indiana Climate Fellows Program will recruit, vet, and hire fellows on your behalf

Application Assistance: Creating a job description

When preparing your Partner Application, it is strongly recommended that you take the time to draft and submit a strong job description. The draft job description is one of the main criteria for evaluating the strength of your application and later to recruit students. Below are templates for hosting an Indiana Climate Fellow to work on a sustainability or climate action project and for hosting an Indiana Climate Fellow to assist with the development of a community-wide greenhouse gas inventory. ISDP will reach out to finalize your job description once your application has been submitted.

Job Description Template Track 1 — Host an Indiana Climate Fellow to work on sustainability and climate action projects

Job Description Template GREENHOUSE GAS INVENTORY — Indiana Climate Fellow, Resilience Cohort

Job Description Template — STAGE 3 IMPLEMENTATION —Indiana Climate Fellow, Resilience Cohort

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