IU Woodlands — beautiful, resilient, iconic

The Woodland Campus of Indiana University is a collection of thousands of individual, unique trees and as such, it is, among other things, a wonderful reflection of this great institution’s student body, faculty and staff. Both display their character best in their great diversity and both imbue the campus with its widely recognized beauty. Learn about the holistic woodland campus initiative and how you can support it.

Branches of the Woodland Campus Initiative

Caring for the Trees we Have

Maintaining mature trees is critical – larger, older trees have more impact in combatting climate change and are signature plantings which contribute to the unique beauty of IU campuses.

Planting More Trees

We use the tree inventories to determine campus planting plans in order to ensure a sustainable woodland. Planting the correct tree species is crucial, ensuring a resilient woodland.

Protecting the Spaces where Tree Grow

Our campuses are always changing, and in those changes, we work to preserve soil quality and tree health, respecting trees even amid construction and growth.

Stewarding IU’s Woodlots

Monitoring the abundance and spread of non-native species, collaborative teams develop strategies to remove non-native invasive species from woodlots (i.e. dense, forested patches).

Monitoring and Adapting for the Future

Gaining hands-on experience, student interns monitor and evaluate the health of campus woodlands, providing essential data for effective management.


Engaging with our Woodlands

Events and activities that engage the campus community in stewardship draw us all closer to the woodlands we love and value.

2.5mtCO2e sequestered annually per acre of new forest

7 campusescertified Tree Campus USA

36%canopy cover on Bloomington campus alone


Steward Signature Trees

Become a steward of Indiana University's existing iconic trees (>30 inches DBH). As the caretaker of an old beaut, your gift will ensure attentive guardianship of our mature trees.

Nurture New Plantings

Support new plantings in the grove of your choice (see groves on the map below). Your donation will support the planting and maintenance of a new tree, expanding the campus woodland.

Dedicate a Tree

Whether you'd like to thank someone who has helped you on your journey at Indiana University or remember a loved one, you can dedicate a tree in honor of that special person.

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