Student Sustainability Council

Student-funded capital improvement projects thanks to student support

The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) administers the Student Sustainability Fund, which provides funds to capital improvement projects on campus. This student-driven and student-run fund was created to facilitate positive, sustainable change on IU Bloomington’s campus. Past projects include: an energy-saving light system in Ballantine Hall, a rain garden in the SRSC, and a high tunnel at the campus farm.

SSC also leads the “Check the Box” campaign, which allows students to donate to the fund during course registration. Additionally, SSC seeks to serve as a network for all student organizations with an interest in sustainability—ranging from social and economic justice to the natural environment.

How do I Donate to the Fund?

Donating is easy, and for a $5 donation, billed to your bursar you can help leave a lasting legacy on campus. Simply go to --> Student Center --> Enrollment --> Shopping Cart/ Sign-up for Classes --> select the Sustainablity Fund

Applying for Project Funding

Below are a few details about how to apply for funding through the Student Sustainability Fund.

Have a Question for the Student Sustainability Council?

Please reach out if you have a question regarding potential funding, you're interested in joining the council, or if you'd simply like to learn more.

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