Resource Use + Recycling

Progress Indicators

Percent reduction of waste generated per person from 2016 figures.
(for clearer depiction of progress, placed on a 25% scale )
Percent of waste diverted from landfills.
(for clearer depiction of progress, placed on a 50% scale)
Percentage of campus waste stations that contain a recycling bin.

Working together to reduce our consumption and effectively divert waste from landfills

Greening Cream & Crimson

Working with IU Athletics to increase recycling and improve overall waste management at IU sporting events!
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IU Surplus

Diverting waste by collecting university property and equipment for resale
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IU Dining

IU Dining works continually on sustainability initiatives, including zero-waste dining halls and compostable packaging!
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Reducing waste through Green Event Certification

From small departmental meetings to large-scale campus community gatherings, IU hosts hundreds of events throughout the year. Implementing green practices at these events, no matter the size, can help reduce our waste, conserve resources, and set an example across campus by engaging the community to sustain IU. Click below to access the Green Events Checklist and resource guide.

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Sustain IU

Office of Sustainability
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