2020 Transitions Lab

Faculty Engagement

Institutions of higher education provide unique opportunities for educating a new generation of sustainability leaders.From sustainability course lists to faculty teaching fellowships, Indiana University is working hard to increase students' sustainablity course and degree offerings, and supporting faculty with professional development in sustainability. 
Course Development Fellowships

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With support from the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty & Academic Affairs, and the Integrated Program in the Environment, the IU Office of Sustainability annually awards Sustainability Course Development Fellowships to Indiana University Bloomington faculty.

Visit the Sustainability Course Development Fellowship page for details on the awards program and application process.


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Service-learning is a direct and important application of the 2020 Transitions Lab initiative via collegiate education.  Students perform required service through a class while reflecting on what they have learned in class, and how it applies to a real-life situation.  It grounds theoretical concepts in experience and links otherwise disparate opportunities for students to make a difference in sustainability into the classroom.  

Past Service-Learning Courses:

HUBI-S 200 The Intricate Human

Students participated in a tabling initiative for the IU Energy Challenge, testing a hypothesis of whether it was more effective to give one way to save energy or multiple ways.  These students then used the utilities data to either prove or refute their hypothesis, and reflected on what the bests course of action was for behavior-change based tabling initiatives.

If you are interested in getting involved with a service-learning class contact the Advocate for Community Engagement for the Office of Sustainability, Spencer Biery (sbiery@iu.edu)

Community of Practice

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The Sustainability Community of Practice project aims to create campus-based community network of sustainability faculty who teach or are interested in teaching sustainability related courses and share a common language and understanding of core sustainability concepts. The Sustainability Community of Practice convenes for summer seminars and ongoing meetings where faculty are equipped to implement sustainability concepts into new or existing courses.

To learn more or to apply, visit the Sustainability Community of Practice page. 

Teaching and Campus Sustainability

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If you are interesting in using sustainability-related data for projects or research in your classes, please contact Associate Director Andrew Predmore at sapredmo@indiana.edu.

Example data sets available relate to metered data for energy on campus, GIS tree inventory, and Real Food at IU.