Peak Load

Peak load! Many have heard of it, many haven't. Even still, why does it matter to you? The Office of Sustainability has put together this website to educate you on peak demand; this includes information on Indiana University's peak mobile app called Energy Matters.
Briefing: Peak Load

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The term peak demand refers to the highest amount of electricity being consumed over a 30-minute period each month across the Indiana University Campus.  It is measured in kilowatts (kW).

Why do we pay a peak charge?  The electric company needs to have capacity to supply any amount of electricity that we (the customers) need at any point in time. Therefore, we can think of the peak charge as a type of overhead charge.  During times of peak we are requiring the electric company to provide a seamless supply of electricity. The electric company needs to invest to ensure they can meet customer requirements. 

Some months we can guess the time the peak will occur.  One example of when peak may occur is on a hot day when air-conditioning is turned up.  That additional energy requirement on top of normal usage will result in a sharp increase of electric demand.  During these times, the control center will send out notifications via email or twitter to ask the campus to take whatever measures necessary to help reduce the demand for electricity. 

Orientation: Peak Load Website

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More About Peak 

  • This page further explains Peak, its importance and the cost to Indiana University.

Energy Matters

  • Check out and download Energy Matters. 

Tips & Suggestions

  • You understand peak load. Now learn what actions can be taken to lessen the demand. This page offers tips and suggestions for behavior modification.