Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale

Hoosier to Hoosier: Education

Hoosier to Hoosier Education

After numerous successful sales, H2H is now an established tradition on the Indiana University campus. But H2H really wants to challenge students to think about their waste year round.

Here are some year round options:

  • Have a swap party with friends!
  • Find an interesting upcycling project (there are TONS of online tutorials)
  • Donate your stuff to one of the many local resale stores

Online tutorials for things to do with Shirts

T-shirt Quilt

Sweatshirt Pillow

No sew T-shirt bag

T-shirts to summer shirts

Infinity Scarf

Whichever option you choose, please try to avoid sending reusable items to the landfill. The following video takes you on a fast forward version of the 60 MILE trip Bloomington trash makes in vehicles that get LESS THAN 10MPG!

The Trip Your Trash Makes 

Watch members of the H2H team take a trip to Sycamore Ridge Landfill to learn more about where their waste goes.