Green Room Certification Program

Greenest Floor Challenge

The Greenest Floor Challenge has been a successful program for several years.  This year, the floor with the highest percentage of green-certified rooms in each residential neighborhood will earn a catered meal!  

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Spring 2016 Greenest Floor Challenge

The Spring 2016 Greenest Floor Challenge will take place during the Energy Challenge, March 21 through April 11. Rules are as follows: 

  1. There will be one winning floor within each residential neighborhood. 
  2. The floor must reach 50% certification to be considered a winner. 
  3. The floor with the highest percentage of Green Room Certifications wins.
  4. If more than one floor ties with the same percentage, the floor that reached that percentage first will win. 
  5. If a floor contains less than 5 students and meets the requirements to win, they will also be included with a larger winning floor. 
  6. The winning floor in each neighborhood will win a catered meal!

Spring 2015 GFC Winner!

Congratulations to McNutt de Joya Ground floor!

Top 4 Floors

Residence HallBuildingFloor% Certified
McNuttde JoyaGround78.38%
Instructions For Winners

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This year's winners are announced above. The prize is a catered meal by RPS Traditions. Winners will be notified via email.

Email with any questions!

Hannah Coots poses next to the GRCP certificate on her room door.

Student Hannah Coots poses next to her GRCP certificate after certifying her room in 2011.

Certify at Any Time

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The 2016 competition will take place March 21st through April 11.

1. Certify your room by filling out the online certification form. Even if it is not during the Greenest Floor Challenge dates, you can still earn a certificate for you room!

2. Greening IU's campus doesn't end with you! Tell your friends, floormates, and classmates about the program and get them to certify their rooms. By adopting a green lifestyle and spreading the word of sustainability to others, you are truly doing your part in reducing IU's ecological footprint.

Love Victory?

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If you want to win, use these tips to increase participation!

  • Post a sign-up sheet next to your floor's elevator, on your RA's door, or in another easily visable spot for students to sign once they certify their room.
  • Tell your floor mates about the Green Room Certification Program and the Greenest Floor Challenge, and then follow up by actually showing them the website and how to certify using the online form.
  • Write daily/weekly goals on your floor's bulletin board, white board, or elsewhere, for your floor mates to strive for! Check out the list of criteria on the online form to set your goals.
  • Post your green room certificate it on your door so others can see that you certified your room!
  • Talk to your floor mates about how important it is for all IU students to live sustainably in order for the university, the City of Bloomington, and the earth to continue to survive happily and prosper!
Prize & Certificate Distribution

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Certify your room ASAP to guarantee that you receive a prize! Every student who certifies their room will receive a certificate and a reusable water bottle! The challenge officially ends at 11:59 PM on Monday, April 11th, so make sure you ceritify before then to be guaranteed a prize

  • Prizes and certificates are mailed to your residence hall via IU Mail Services. Also, please recycle or reuse the envelop that contains your prizes!
  • If you certified your room but never received your prizes, please email . Make the subject heading of your email "GRCP Missing Prize." Include your name, campus address, and the date you submitted your certification form.