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This page features students who have certified their rooms in recognition of the effort they've put into living sustainably. Take a tour of the green features in their room, learn about their green lifestyle choices, and read about why they decided to certify!

Have you certified your room yet? Do you want to be featured on the GRCP website? Contact IUOS intern, Amanda Dickinson, at, if you want your room to be featured! 

Meet Jennifer Baumgartner!

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Jennifer getting excited about living green! Getting excited about living green!

Jennifer is a freshman this year living in Cravens at Collins Living-Learning Center. A marketing major in the Kelley School of Business, Jennifer was one of the first students to certify her room through the Green Room Certification Program. Read her interview responses below, and check out some photos of Jennifer’s room and sustainable lifestyle!

What would you tell students to get them involved with the GRCP?

I would tell them that it’s a really cool program, and don’t they wanna help save polar bears? I’ve talked to people just because it’s cool. You get a free water bottle and a certificate, and it’s something to tell your parents, so I’m looking forward to telling my mom, “Hey, guess what? I got my room certified!”

What are some of your hobbies and extracurriculars at IU and in the past?

I'm a DJ for B-Side at WIUX currently, and in high school I was the secretary of the National Honor Society, president of Spanish Club, and a member of the Envirothon team. Also, I played volleyball and worked at a rock wall in high school, as well.

Have any of your classes at IU covered environmental or sustainability-related material?

My BUS-X170 class, "How Business Works," has covered a fair amount of information on the recycling, reusing, repurposing industry.

Why do you think programs like GRCP are important for sustainability?

They raise student awareness, and we’re the next generation that’s being affected by environmental issues. It’s our time to be responsible!

What was something new or helpful you learned from the checklist?

I hadn’t considered turning off the shower while lathering my hair. Everyone knows that you should turn off the sink while brushing your teeth, but I didn’t think that it applied anywhere else. Something helpful I learned…usually I forget to unplug electronics, so learning about “phantom electricity” was a good reminder.

What is your favorite green tip?


Opening shades or curtains to utilize natural light when indoors instead of using more lighting because it’s really easy and it creates better ambiance in the room and feels more natural.

What were the most difficult criterion to meet?

xmas lights

We have decorative lighting that I didn’t really think about and I thought, “Oh, I don’t want to take it down now.” But we don’t plug it in often. Also, having energy star appliances is hard because I didn’t think about it before and I just got stuff from my sister.

What kinds of things on the list were you already doing? What was easiest?


A lot of the stuff that was about sharing and reusing was easy because my roommate and I share our fridge and microwave, and were already cheap, so we are reusing decorations.

Do you think you’ll maintain the changes you’ve made for your whole life?

Probably. I would say so. They’re not hard and it’s cheap.

What motivated you to participate in the GRCP?

I was motivated by the free water bottle, quite honestly. Also, making my parents proud gets me really excited, and it’s something to talk about at family gatherings.

Jennifer's Room
Welcome to Jennifer's Room in Collins, Cravens.
Jennifer keeps her shades pulled back during the day to let in natural light, and when it's nice out, she opens her window to improve the temperature in her room naturally.
She and her roommate are in the process of growing carnations and pansies.
water bottle and reusable shopping bag 
Jennifer models her reusable water bottle and cloth grocery bag.'
unplugged appliances 
When not in use, Jennifer unplugs appliances easily by using a powerstrip.
Recycling is easy as paper and plastic recycling bins are right outside her room!
Taking the stairs instead of an elevator is one of the ways Jennifer lives green.