Green Room Certification Program

About the Program

The GRCP provides students with the opportunity to reduce IU’s carbon footprint and reinforce a culture of sustainability at IU. The GRCP supports and celebrates every campus-dwelling student who strives to live more sustainably by adopting sustainable habits and choosing to use eco-friendly products.

The Green Room Certification Program (GRCP) was introduced to IU in 2011 through a brilliant collaboration between Residential Programs and Services (RPS), the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and the Office of Sustainability (IUOS). Since then, GRCP has strived to inspire students to create their own sustainable lifestyle.

All students currently living in any of the IUB residence halls have the option to Green Certify their room. Certification is easy: simply earn at least 40 out of the possible 87 points on the Green Room Certification Checklist featured below. By certifying their rooms as green, students are actively creating a brighter future for the campus and the world. As a thank you for their sustainably-minded decisions, certified students receive a certificate to hang on their door and a free re-usable water bottle.

The Green Room Certification Checklist

Below are 55 simple ways to live more sustainably at IU Bloomington. Check out the hyperlinks to learn more about sustainable lifestyle choices. Help Indiana University in its sustainability initiatives, and click here to certify your room.

  • Energy

    1. I use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs in auxiliary lighting (2 pts).

    2. I unplug electronic items (cell phone and computer chargers, lamps, etc.) AND/OR turn off the power strip they are plugged into when I am not using them to reduce the amount of energy required to keep up standby power (2 pts).

    3. I've chosen not to buy a mini-fridge or not to share one with my roommate (5 pts).

    4. I bought my mini-fridge secondhand, saving money and diverting waste from landfills (3 pts).

    5. I share a mini-fridge with my roommate (2 pt).

    6. I've chosen not to buy a microwave or share one with my roommate. For one, I really don't like leftovers so I try to control my portion sizes, only making half the Raman if I know I'm not going to eat the whole thing, and two, the models of microwaves out right now have completely unregulated energy standards (5 pts).

    7. I bought my microwave secondhand, saving money and diverting waste from landfills (3 pts).

    8. I share a microwave with my roommate (2 pt).

    9. I take the stairs at least half the time, simultaneously saving energy and burning calories (elevator on the way up, stairs on the way down: 2 pts).

    10. I turn the lights off before leaving a room, including public bathrooms and common areas at least 75% of the time (1 pt).

    11. I use Energy Star certified appliances (mini-fridge, coffeemaker, television, etc.) and decorative lighting (3 pts).

    12. I only use the amount of light necessary for the task at hand. I use only daylight or the lights in public areas whenever possible (3 pts).

    13. I dedicate an hour of every day during peak times in the afternoon to using no energy personally (Ex: I take a late lunch and eat it outside if it is nice or if its rainy/cold I eat in a common area that's already lit automatically; I study with textbooks outside or in a common area for an hour: 5 pts).

    14. I use the Energy Matters app that is part of IU mobile to keep track of when it is most important to use less energy (3 pts).

  • Water
  • Transportation

    21. I utilize no-carbon transportation methods like walking, biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading to get around campus and Bloomington (2 pts).

    22. When I can't use no-carbon transportation, I use the IU Campus or Bloomington transit instead of finding a friend who has a car (3 pts).

    23. I´ve opened a Zipcar account to use for off campus travel (3 pts), and have actually used it (3 additional pts).

    24. I've created a Zimride profile to help me find carpools (3 pts), and have actually used it (2 additional pts).

    25. I did not bring my automobile to school (1 pt).

  • Reducing, Reusing and Recycling

    26. I use scrap paper whenever possible (2 pts).

    27. While shopping, I am careful to avoid products with excessive packaging (2 pts).

    28. Instead of purchasing bottled water, I use a reusable BPA-free stainless steel or plastic water bottle (1 pt).

    29. I use reusable shopping bags (3 pts).

    30. Instead of throwing it away, I donate stuff I don't need (usable mini-fridges, furniture, laptop, clothes, printer, etc.) to the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale or another community organization who resells or repurposes used goods, like the Disabled American Veterans drop-box in the Kroger parking lot off of College and 1st Street (5 pts).

    31. I have at least one recycling bin in my room, and use the recycling bins on campus more often than not (3 pts).

    32. I use green school supplies made with recycled material (i.e. paper, pens, folders, etc.: 2 pts).

    33. I have thrifted, homemade, and/or "second-hand" room decorations (3 pts).

    34. I buy electronic instead of hard-copy textbooks whenever possible (3 pts).

    35. Instead of using the paper towels in the bathrooms, I go back to my room and use a towel to dry my hands (3 pts).

  • Computing

    36. I use the IU campus printers instead of owning a personal printer (1 pt).

    37. I have activated the sleep setting on computers to put the computer to sleep after five minutes of inactivity. If I'm leaving my computer for more than 20 minutes, I shut it down (2 pts).

    38. I use FSC certified paper and/or paper made with post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content (2 pts).

    39. I use the duplex or double-sided printing that all campus printers offer as an option within the print menu under preferences (2 pts).

    40. I save reading material to my computer desktop instead of printing about 75% of the time (3 pts).

  • Laundry

    41. I use cold water wash settings (1 pt).

    42. I use a drying rack or clothes line instead of a dryer whenever possible (5 pts).

    43. I only wash full loads of laundry (1 pt).

    44. I use green laundry products free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, phosphates, bleach and surfactant nonylphenol ethoxylate that pollute the water supply (2 pts).

    45. I do not use fabric softener or drier sheets, deciding not to waste human resources for clothes that don't really seem any softer. (2 pts).

  • Involvement

    46. I have taken or am currently taking a sustainability-focused or sustainability-related course (2 pts).

    47. I am a member of a sustainability-related student group (2 pts).

    48. I volunteer for a sustainability related organization on campus or in the community (4 pts).

    49. I am aware of the Residence Hall Association's Eco-Rep Program in the residence halls and know who the Eco-Rep is for my center (2 pts).

  • Other

    50. I use house plants to improve the air quality in my room (2 pts).

    51. I do not use spray or plug-in air fresheners to reduce air pollution (2 pts).

    52. To support my local economy, I buy local whenever possible (2 pts).

    53. I purchase produce and other food items from Bloomington's weekly Farmers' Market (3 pts).

    54. I purchase fruits and vegetables that I know to be in season, to cut down on the importation of food, which produces carbon dioxide emissions that cause climate change (1 pt).

    55. I do not eat meat (4 pts).