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Why host a Green Event?

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Hundreds of events are hosted at Indiana University every year. Though seemingly innocuous, events tend to be resource-intensive and to generate large amounts of waste. There are simple steps event planners can take to reduce waste and energy-use during the planning, execution, and cleanup of events. In partnership with the Office of Sustainability, hosts can help reduce the carbon footprint and improve the environmental sustainability of their events, while simultaneously saving money and attracting environmentally conscious attendees. 



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Pre-certification Resources

The Green Events Guide explains the ways in which events can be more sustainably executed and provides resources to aid in the process of attaining Green Event Certification. It includes resources and recommendations that are specific to IU Bloomington, as well as general information about sustainable practices such as composting. 

Surveys and certification

In order to determine your certification level, please download and complete the Green Events Survey. Please make sure to check any boxes that are not applicable as we will adjust your score in proportion to the amount of relevant requirements you fulfill. Once completed, send your survey to for review. If you are hosting an event at the Kelley School of Business please complete the Kelley School of Business Green Event Certification Survey. Your completed survey will be automatically sent to the Office of Sustainability. 

Additional Resources

For more information about how to make your event sustainable, the Green Meeting Industry Council provides educational webinars that are free and open to the public. 

What happens after I have been certified?

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The Green Events Coordinator will contact you by e-mail within 3 days of submiting your survey. We will review your survey, add up your points and determine your certification level. 

You will be awarded a digital badge of sustainability based on how you answered the survey questions. Your badge will be e-mailed to you within 3 days of finishing the survey. Below is the point break down and description of each certification level. 

In the e-mail, you will also receive downloadable signage to display at your event and to include in your promotional materials. Please submit your certification survey at least two weeks prior to your event to ensure enough time to process your application and to market your commitment to sustainability. We look forward to hearing from you!

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