Campus Garden Initiative

Garden: Edible Campus Steering Committee

The Steering Committee

The Edible Campus Steering Committee was formed to develop academic partnerships, community outreach opportunities, and volunteer programming in support of edible gardening spaces around the IU Bloomington Campuses.  Currently, the committee helps organize and maintain the spaces run by the Gampus Garden Initiative, including the Bryan House Garden and our primary production space at Hilltop Garden and Nature Center.  


The Edible Campus Committee is organized into three subcommittees, each with specific goals that pertain to the mission of the IU Campus Garden Initiative:

  • Volunteer Outreach and Marketing
    • Recruit and maintain a volunteer network
    • Market to campus-wide community
    • Organize informal educational sessions
  • Food Production
    • Maintain a relationship with the dining facilities on campus
    • Plan garden plantings and maintenance
  • Academic Engagement
    • Encourage the garden as a location for university courses
    • Promote undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research programs in the garden


The Edible Campus Initiative is currently pursuing partnerships with other student groups on the IU Campus:

  • Bloomington Community Orchard IU (BCOIU)
  • VegIU

If you are interested in joining any of the above subcommittees or have any further questions, please e-mail