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  • Director, Andrew Predmore
    Andrew Predmore, Director of Sustainability, is responsible for cultivating the Transitions Lab (IU's take on the living-learning laboratory model) program in sustainability at Indiana University Bloomington. The Transitions Lab seeks to connect student learning, campus operations, and faculty research.

    Andrew joined the Office of Sustainability in August 2014, and came to IUOS from the University of Illinois Springfield, where he was an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies. In addition to teaching courses on environmental and natural resource policy and environmental ethics, he served as chair of the Campus Senate Committee on Sustainability. Predmore has a BA from the University of Virginia, an MS from Auburn University, and earned his PhD from Virginia Tech in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation in 2009.

    Phone: 812-855-2818
  • Assistant Director, Makayla Bonney
    As Assistant Director, Makayla Bonney is responsible for monitoring the internship program in sustainability, providing leadership for sustainability initiatives in campus operations and facilities, and tracking the University's sustainability performance across a variety of sectors for internal and public reports, including AASHE STARS. Makayla joined the Office of Sustainability in January 2016.

    Makayla holds degrees in Geography and Environmental Resource Management (B.S.) and Geography and Environmental Sustainability (M.S.) from Southern Illinois University where she served as Chair of the SIU Sustainability Council and was Co-Chair and founder of the Sustainable Procurement Working Group. As an intern with National Geographic, Makayla studied the role of geoliteracy in introducing sustainability concepts in P-12 education.

    Contact: mjbonney@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-3730
  • Sustainability Specialist, Ashlee Wilson Fujawa
    Ashlee Wilson Fujawa recently joined the Office of Sustainability to communicate the tremendous impact of campus-wide sustainability efforts to both internal and external audiences. In her role as Sustainability Specialist, Ashlee will promote IUOS’s undertaking to leverage talent on the IU campus, and beyond, through targeted marketing and outreach campaigns, as well as facilitating and evaluating sustainability internship and scholars programs, and advising sustainability-oriented student organizations.

    Ashlee brings with her an extensive background in brand management, public relations and multi-channel marketing with a focus on nonprofit and community development. Prior to joining IUOS, Ashlee held the position of PR Director for Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, the city’s largest volunteer organization. While there Ashlee perfected the organization’s messaging and outreach strategy, and worked closely to find opportunities to creatively leverage community greening programming efforts—both locally and nationally that focused on brand consistent, mission based storytelling initiatives. An IU alum, Ashlee holds a BA in Journalism and Political Science, and an MS in Secondary Education.

  • Programs Assistant, Becky Wilson
    As the Programs Assistant, Becky Wilson provides logistical support, manages budgets and maintains documentation for the Office of Sustainability programs and events; processes E-House access and calendar management; and responds to all campus sustainability inquiries.

    Becky joined the IU Office of Sustainability (IUOS) in September 2017. Prior to joining IUOS, Becky was the Scheduling Supervisor for the Department of Chemistry, as well as the Office Services Assistant for both the Department of Chemistry and Contract and Grants Administration and has worked for Indiana University since September 2001.

    Contact: reawilso@indiana.edu
    Phone: 812-855-9195
Service Corps Fellows

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  • Greek Sustainability, Lane Fulton
    • Lane S. Fulton is a Service Corps Fellow and a first year MPA candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, with concentrations in Policy Analysis and Public Management. Lane did his undergraduate studies at Indiana University, Bloomington, majoring in History and Political Science, while minoring in Sociology and Law & Public Policy. After a thorough vetting process, Lane was mutually placed with IUOS for his Service Corps Fellowship as Greek Sustainability Coordinator. Already in his time with IUOS, he has made good headway with the Greek community at IU, and is very excited to spend the next two years furthering that progress, making sustainability one of the mot forefront issues for this driving force community on campus. These goals go hand-in-hand with his goals of improving everyday life and habits for a cleaner, more efficient future for all!"
Student Employees

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  • Fund Development Graduate Assistant, Linsey Thompson
    • Linsey Thompson is a first year graduate student at IUPUI. She is pursuing an MA in Philanthropy as well as an MPA with a concentration in nonprofit management. She has a strong interest in creating sustainable funding for nonprofits as well as studying the intersection of wasted food and food insecurity. Through her graduate assistantship at IUOS, she will focus on implementing a sustainable fundraising plan for the office.
  • ISDP Outreach Coordinator, Jill Bond
    • Jill Bond is the Indiana Sustainability Development Program Outreach Coordinator and a graduate student at IU's School of Public and Environmental Affairs. Jill spent eight years working in the newspaper industry before deciding to pursue her master's degree. She thrives on connecting with people and working toward a brighter, more sustainable future.
Cox Scholars

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Spencer Biery
Internship: Utilities Conservation and Behavior Change

Spencer Biery photo

Spencer Biery is a first year student looking to major in Non-Profit Management and Leadership in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He has had some exposure to sustainability in high school, and has worked on sustainability initiatives ranging from teaching renewable energy and energy sovereignty to 2nd through 5th graders, to advocating for and helping install a rain garden in his high school to mediate an erosion problem. Spencer is excited to begin to work on sustainability in a larger, more formal manner, and to get involved in creating a positive change for IU students socially, economically, and environmentally. Particularly important to Spencer is making sure that resources are accessible and helpful for people across socio-economic status, as well as for people in marginalized groups who typically are underrepresented in talks on sustainability.

Current Interns

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Claire Burdette
Internship: Food Working Group


Claire Burdette  is a third-year undergraduate studying Cognitive Neuroscience and Nutrition in the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Public Health. She is the Food Working Group intern, working to support the environmentally and financially sustainable food systems focusing on nutrition, and the costs of food production and consumption. In the future, she plans to research how the type of food we eat affects the chemistry of the brain to decrease the number of people who struggle with excess weight, depression, or addiction. Claire is a past 2020 Sustainability Scholar focusing on increasing real food to the Indiana University campus. Her ultimate hope is to continue this work to further increase the knowledge about real food, as well as increase the amount of affordable, fresh, and local food to college students on campus.

Claire Dorner
Internship: Education & Research

Intern photo for Claire Dorner

Claire Dorner is a sophomore studying Environmental Management with minors in Urban Planning and Law & Public Policy. She has a passion for working on projects to provide opportunities for sustainability research and learning for both students and faculty. Claire was a 2020 Sustainability Scholar, working with Dr. Shahzeen Attari on cognitive behavioral climate change research. She has also been a part of the IU Beekeeping Club and leadership for YDSA in Bloomington, with a focus on environmental education and outreach. This year she is working on proposals for turning Collins into a Sustainability Living Learning Center, facilitating two regular course and education grants, and working on creating a regular Sustainabili-tea talk for the community of IU and Bloomington. Claire plans to earn a master's at Carnegie Mellon and work as an environmental manager or planner for a midwestern urban are. She is specifically interested in improving underprivileged people's access to environmental benefits such as green spaces and community gardens.  

Brad Doughty
Internship: Energy & the Built Environment

Brad Doughty intern photo

Brad Doughty is a third-year graduate student in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs pursuing degrees in Public Affairs and Environmental Science concentrating in Energy. He studied Engineering Physics at John Carroll University as an undergraduate. In the future, Brad hopes to use the skills he developed as an undergraduate to help solve complex problems in a transitioning energy sector and help decision makers utilize scientific thought, research, and processes when making decisions related to energy. As the Energy and the Built Environment Working Group Intern, Brad is looking to assist the Working Group in understanding energy use on campus, communicating this to students, faculty, and staff, and measuring the progress made thus far in reducing energy use and cutting Carbon emissions.

Haley Erickson
Internship: Transportation

Intern Photo for Haley Erickson

Haley Erickson is a first year MPA student at SPEA concentrating in Environmental Policy & Natural Resource Management (EPNRM) and Sustainable Development. Over the last year she lived, studied, and worked in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she studied sustainable development and worked with a Danish company on climate adaptation technology. There she learned how much her local community can improve its transportation infrastructure, especially bicycle infrastructure, which is the focus of her internship. This year she is helping select a bike share program for IU, creating a bicycle hub proposal for Ballantine, updating a GIS map of bicycle parking on campus, and using the data from the GIS map to determine if IU needs to expand its bicycle parking facilities. In the future, Haley would like to work with foreign governments on evaluating and implementing environmental policies and sustainable development initiatives.  

Hannah Franchimont
Internship: First Year Experience

Intern Photo for Hannah Franchimont

Hannah Franchimont is a senior studying Environmental and Sustainability Studies. She is also pursuing a minor in German and Geography. As the First Year Experience Intern, she works to make a difference in the lives of the new students coming to IU by teaching them about sustainability and why it is so important. One exciting project Hannah is working on is an effort to get the students living on campus more involved in the Spring Energy Challenge with Friday Night Lights Out events. In the future, she hopes to work as a Park Ranger in the National Parks Service to improve sustainability and conservation efforts.  

Zack Gilbert
Internship: Sustainable IT

Intern Photo for Zack Gilbert

Zack Gilbert is a senior with a major in Marketing and a minor in Public and Environmental Affairs. He has held leadership positions in sustainability-focused clubs such as Net Impact, Civic Leadership Development, and Greening Cream and Crimson. As the Sustainable IT Intern, he is interested in building opportunities for students to learn about and participate in the IT department's initiatives. Some of his many micro-projects include increasing marketing and outreach to students, setting up events for students to learn about the department's sustainable practices, and collaborating with the IT working group on developing an innovation fund proposal. Zack hopes to use his business background and experiences in sustainable technology to guide the future toward renewable energy. 

Jingyao Gu

Internship: Resource Use & Recycling Working Group

Jingyao Gu intern photo

Jingyao Gu is pursuing a Masters in Public Affairs (MPA) degree at the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University. She is interested in environmental policy and sustainability, with a particular interest in the circular economy. Prior to studying at IUB, she graduated from Xiamen University in China with Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology, and then achieved a Master of Environmental Pollution Control degree from Penn State University. Her ultimate career goal is to work on international environmental issues and help more organizations reach sustainability. She is excited to work with the RUR Working Group to explore more opportunities of on-campus recycling.

Rose Kaforski

Internship: Sustainability Peer Educator

Rose Kaforski Photo

Rose Kaforski is an undergraduate junior majoring in Environmental Science in SPEA and minoring in Italian. She is interested in conservation, ecology, and water quality. Rose hopes to begin the Accelerated Masters Program in Environmental Science in Fall 2018 and would like to pursue a career in ecology. This is her third year with the Office of Sustainability; she was a 2020 Sustainability Scholar and is in her second year as a Sustainability Peer Educator. Rose hopes to engage as many students as possible this year to help foster a culture of sustainability on campus. 

Amanda Keene
Internship: Engagement

Amanda Keene photo

Amanda Keene is a third year undergraduate studying Geography with a concentration in food and agriculture. She has a strong interest in sustainable food and agriculture as well as urban agriculture and food deserts. In her free time, Amanda loves to travel, hike, and cycle for an independent Little 500 team. Through her IUOS internship, she will be working with the Green Events Program and Green Teams.  

Robert Kendall
Internship: Environmental Quality and Land Use

 Robert Kendall Photo

Robert Kendall is an undergraduate senior pursuing a degree in Environmental and Sustainability Studies along with a certificate in GIS/Remote Sensing. His degree is part of a new program named the Integrated Program in the Environment (IPE) which works through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs as well as the College of Arts & Sciences, while his certificate is through the Department of Geography. Robert aspires to become an urban planner with a focus on environmental equity and sustainable development. He envisions a future career project that includes a permaculture park, with edible plants in order to engage community members with nature. Robert is looking forward to starting the beginning of a Landscape Management Plan for IU Bloomington's campus.

Jessica McKinney
Internship: Sustainability Peer Educator

Nathan Manworren photo

Jessica McKinney is a third-year senior who is double-majoring in Environmental Sustainability Studies and Spanish in the College of Arts and Science, as well as minoring in Latino Studies. She is interested in how sustainable city planning and environmentally-minded local governments influence citizen experiences and actions. This is Jessica’s second year at the Office of Sustainability - in the first academic year she was a Peer Educator in the Sustainability Peer Educator Program, and the First Year Experience intern over the summer. As a Peer Educator, Jessica is dedicated to creating positive sustainability norms on campus by interacting with students through planned discussions and tabling events. 

Lindsey Nelson
Internship: Transitions Lab

Intern Photo for Lindsay Nelson

Lindsey Nelson is a sophomore planning to graduate in 2020 with a degree in Environmental Management. She was thrilled to be a 2020 Sustainability Scholar as a freshman, and is still committed . She loves the outdoors and natural resources. As the intern in charge of the transition lab, she works to contingently improve the experience of 2020 Sustainability Scholars interested in sustainability research. Lindsey wants to increase program advertising and improve the program management so that the university can save money and make the undergraduate research opportunity an overall better experience.

Megan Rohlfing
Internship: Utilities and Behavior Change

Photo of intern Megan Rohlfing

Megan Rohlfing is an accelerated MPA candidate in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs concentrating in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management and Sustainability. Having spent the last four years at IU, she has worked in a variety of organizations in and around the Bloomington community like Girls Inc., Beam, Longest, and Neff LLC, and SPEA’s Undergraduate Programming Office. Megan is enthusiastic to aid the university’s sustainability efforts for the 2017-2018 academic year as the Utilities and Behavior Change intern promoting utility and water conservation. She plans to study if energy and water conservation behaviors persist after the Energy Challenge to build upon the sustainable actions by students, faculty, and staff practiced during the Energy Challenge; thus ensuring sustainable behavior on IU’s campus.

Kerry Ryfel
Internship: Campus Garden & Farm


Kerry Ryffel is the Campus Garden and Farm Intern through the IU Office of Sustainability. She is a senior in the Environmental and Sustainability Studies program, concentrating in food systems. Her interests lie in community gardening, food access, and the intersection of social justice and farming. Kerry is excited to be working with the campus farm this year to provide opportunities for student engagement and experiential learning. In the future, Kerry hopes to work with farmers and other food growers to improve the sustainability and resiliency of local food systems.

Marshall Schemenauer
Internship: Advanced Buildings and Renewable Energy

Marshall Schemenauer photo

Marshall Schemenauer is an undergraduate senior currently pursuing a B.S. in Interior Design from the School of Art and Design. He is interested in the intersection of sustainability and the built environment, with a particular focus on low-impact, high efficiency biophilic design. Marshall has several years of hands-on experience working in building construction and renovation, bringing with him an appreciation for the practical aspects and implementation of sustainable design. This summer, he will be working with proposals for solar energy solutions on campus as well as helping track LEED progress and goals for new construction on campus.

Chelsea Snedden
Internship: Natural Resources, Creative Outreach & Design

Intern Photo for Chelsea Snedden

Chelsea Snedden is a senior studying Environmental Management. Previously she was an environmental intern for a summer camp that had children work on sustainable rain garden and composting programs, and where she taught courses on edible plants and trail-building. Her dream is to create a world where people live in harmony with the environment. Her internship allows her to apply her passion for working with people to educate them on environmental risks, and presenting research in an accessible format. Chelsea is working on an augmented reality app that allows elementary-to-high school students tour campus and learn about metals in the environment.

Ben Tally
Internship: Media & Marketing


Ben Tally is a senior pursuing dual B.S. degrees in Policy Analysis and Informatics. As the Media and Marketing intern, he works on how to communicate and expand literacy on complex ideas such as climate change, interactions between human development and ecosystems, and sustainability practices. The internship brings together his interests in social justice, environmentalism, graphic design, communications and information technology. After he graduates, Ben hopes to have a career in research or government dealing with environmental policy.