Sustainability Indicators

Buildings & Energy

This category includes the energy and water consumed by campus buildings and its impact to the climate. Scroll down to view each indicator, or click on one of the links below to jump to a section. You can learn more about this topic on the Buildings & Energy topic page.

Greenhouse Gases

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Greenhouse gas emissions by fiscal year (metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent)

graph of greenhouse gas emissions over time

Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2008
Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2010
Integrated Energy Master Plan 2012

Water Use

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Campus potable water consumption by fiscal year (millions of gallons)

graph of water consumption over time

Energy Use

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Total campus energy use by fuel source per fiscal year (MMBtu)

graph of campus energy use

Solar Energy

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Photovoltaic production per fiscal year (kilowatt hours)

graph of solar energy

LEED Buildings

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LEED certified buildings on campus - COMING SOON

Utility Costs

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Utility costs by fuel source per fiscal year (in millions of dollars)

graph of utility costs over time