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To view the main sustainability calendar with both events and opportunities check our homepage feed or click here.

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Frequently Asked Calendar Questions

  • How do I list my event in the Newsletter?
  • I'm an IUOS student, how do I reserve E-House? 
    • If you are an intern, SPEP leader, SSC Exec. or Cox Scholar, you should have access to the above calendar with your Google Account. 
    • Step 1: Click + button in lower-right corner 
    • Google Calendar: add an event
    • Step 2: Add your event. Make sure E House Availability is selected in Calendar drop down menu, not your personal calendar. 
    • Image of Google calendar, select public calendar, not your personal calendar
    • Step 3: Save your event and check to see if it was added to public calendar. Email with questions or problems. 
  • How do I add an event to the calendar ticker feed on the homepage?
    • Please email