Living Sustainably

This page is designed to help you make decisions that will lower your impact on the environment, communities, and probably save you some money too. Are you a first year student? We have a page just for you! Click here to learn about living sustainably in the residence halls. 

  • Moving Guide & Renters' Checklist

    Moving Guide & Renters' Checklist

    Moving soon? Use the sustainability framework to help find a place that's easy on your wallet, and good for people and the planet.

    Moving Guide & Renters' Checklist »

  • Energy and Water

    Energy and Water

    Learn about how you can save energy, water and money in your off-campus home, including beginner, intermediate and advanced steps.

    Energy and Water  »

  • Food


    Learn where and how to eat locally, sustainably and healthily here in Bloomington, supporting your body and the community.

    Food  »

  • Waste and Recycling

    Waste and Recycling

    Learn how to reduce your consumption, reuse good stuff, and recycle what's left over.

    Waste and Recycling  »

  • Transportation


    Getting around on a low-carbon, cost-saving diet is easy. Click here to learn more about biking, walking, zipcar, zimride, and the bus.

    Transportation »

  • Doing It Yourself (DIY) & Buying Green

    Doing It Yourself (DIY) & Buying Green

    Learn how to maximize your purchases for good, or--better yet--make stuff on your own.

    Doing It Yourself  »