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Student Organizations and Leadership

Students wishing to join a student organization at IUB have over 650 clubs to choose from. For those interested in sustainability, we've narrowed the list down a bit. For additional volunteer and leadership opportunities, see the other pages of this section.

Clubs and Organizations

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  • Student Sustainability Council (SSC)
    • The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) brings together representatives of many student organizations to advance issues of sustainability on the IUB campus. Students may also join the council as individuals not associated with another organization. Many of the other groups listed on this page are members of the SSC.

  • American Fisheries Society 
    • AAFS@IU builds on the traditions and history established at IU from famous icthyologists such as David Starr Jordan and Carl Eigenmann, by providing students interested in water resourses an outlet to become involve. AFS@IU is a student subuit of the American Fisheries Society (AFS) and is focused on Fisheries Management and Conservation. AFS@IU is a collective of students from various backgrounds and majors who are interested in applying their diverse skills towards promoting clean water resourses management and policy making from numerous angles. Current projects include: Wetland Restoration (Long-term) & Local Watershed Stream Surveys. 
    • Website:
  • Beekeeping Club

    • We began the Beekeeping Club at IU to address the widespread decline in Honeybee populations known as Colony Collapse Disorder. Honeybees are essential to producing much of the world’s food, but they’re dying in masses largely due to harmful pesticides and minimal biodiversity used in commercial farms, climate change, and other factors. Saving the Honeybees will require systematic changes in the ways we produce, purchase, and dispose of our food.

  • Bloomington Community Orchard

    • Bloomington Community Orchard at IU aims to follow the mission instated by the BCO to dream, build, and share the orchard with the entire community. Expanding onto the IU campus, beyond the Bloomington community, means bringing the values that we as an organization are so well known for- sustainability, community-building, and education-onto IU's campus and into the hearts and minds of its students. We do this by working to take the "campus garden" outside of its physical walls, and bring those kinds of projects right onto IU's campus. As a new organization, we are currently building up leadership in the undergraduate and graduate student bodies, as well as faculty and staff. We have many projects currently in the works- we're starting many new gardens right on campus!- and are proud to say that we planted the first apple trees on campus last spring! This organization will also educate students about the local food movement in Bloomington and ways to cultivate a healthy community. We will be holding meetings to discuss ways in which students can take on roles within the orchard. We will be tabling, chalking and fliering to spread the word about events hosted by the orchard.

  • BuyGood
    • BuyGood, formerly Hoosier Fair Trade, runs the Fair Trade University Campaign on campus in order to get IU to qualify as a Fair Trade University. Our team is made up of creative, business-minded students of all majors who hold outreach events on campus to raise awareness of fair trade. We network with the university to have more fair trade product available on campus. We promote ethical purchasing habits whether that be fair trade products, buying local, or sweatshop free companies. 
    • Website:
  • Collins E-Force
  • Conservation Corps at IU 
    • The Conservation Corps at IU is a driven group of students that are passionate about studying environmental science and management in applied technical ways. This group participates in an intensive spring break trip that explores social, scientific and management themes as they relate to the environment. Join CC@IU for a close-knit group of environmentally focused students!
    • Website: 
  • Ducks Unlimited IU Chapter
  • Environmental Health Student Society 
    • Environmental Health Student Society seeks to unite all students in Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Safety, and related fields. EHSS aims to promote awareness of environmental health issues and practices in order to facilitate greater understanding of the field of Environmental Health itself, while also enhancing the knowledge and skills of its members within this field. Our overall objective is to help create capable and well-connected Environmental Health professionals, who are ready to address numerous environmental and public health issues we face today.
    • Website:
  • Environmental Law Society (ELS)
    • The Environmental Law Society provides many opportunities and resources for students interested in environmental law or in the environment in general. The group is devoted to making the law school more environmentally conscious, as well as helping its members pursue careers in environmental law. The group hosts guest speakers to discuss environmental law issues, works with local environmental attorneys and groups, and hosts an annual social event, An Evening at the Oliver Winery, in which students, faculty and alumni meet at the nearby to sample local wines.

  • Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association
    • The Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Association (EMSDA) is a professional student organization through the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. It has been established to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and information, enhance students career preparation through interaction with professionals and establish a network for potential positions and/or internships related to environmental management or sustainable development. In addition, we promote environmental and sustainability education, and support awareness of issues and ideas that affect people and the environment. If you’d like to get involved with EMSDA, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @IUEMSDA, or shoot us an email at! Website:
  • Fed
    • Fed (short for Food Education) is an organization that was created to explore what it means when we think of the word “food” today. As college students, we’re learning to cook for the first time, and for many of us that means a frustrating lack of knowledge in the field- from “non-GMO” to “Protein Packed”, all of these buzzwords surround and impact us every day. We’re on a mission to learn and create a fam. A food awareness movement. This movement is done by teaching students about food from one of the best resources we have: Bloomington, IN. We’re partnering with local farmers, chefs, professors, and many more to learn about the impact food has on us whether that’s mental or physical. We will be having local events, meetings, and round tables with some of the most impactful minds in Bloomington. Some of our biggest initiatives are surrounding education on the Slow Food Movement (enjoying the simple pleasures of food and great company), local farming (understanding where our food comes from), and the mental impact of food (why eating right helps your end game).

    • Website:
  • Global Brigades, IU Chapter
    • Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Since 2004, Global Brigades has mobilized thousands of university students and professionals through nine skill-based service programs to improve quality of life in under resourced communities. The organization's mission isto empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under resourced communities while fostering local cultures. Within the IU Chapter, there are several subchapters addressing such topics as public health, clean water, environment, and business.

  • Hoosier Hiking Club
    • The Hoosier Hiking Club's mission is to provide students with a chance to be outside and to explore the land around us while fostering friendships and connections. The HHC strives to support students and the community through service on and off campus.
    • Website:
  • Indiana University Student Association (IUSA)
    • The Indiana University Student Association (IUSA) is the undergraduate student body government at Indiana University Bloomington. At its core, IUSA is a congregation of students that work to protect student rights, enrich student life, and improve the University as a whole. Students join together to voice common concerns, hopes, grievances, and most importantly, to take action to realize an even stronger community. There are opportunities to work specifically on sustainabiltiy issues within IUSA.

  • Real Food
      • Real food encompasses a concern for producers, consumers, communities, and the earth. We use this term to recognize that both the food system and the food movement must encompass and embrace a diversity of issues; "real food" represents a common ground where all relevant issues from human rights to environmental sustainability can converge. Real Food Challenge will work to create a more just food system at Indiana University.
      • Website: 
  • Rhino Poaching Awareness Society
      • Rhino poaching is a dynamically growing environmental issue that is immensely impacting not only the life of rhinos, but the entire wildlife and ecosystem of Africa as well. This environmental dilemma of the war on poachers has become a matter of life or death for the rhino. An astounding number of three rhino's are killed a day in South Africa. If rhino's are not being killed, they are left to die in the wild without their horn. Rhino's need their horn to protect them self and survive in the wild. As the reproduction population is continuously dwindling down each year, the validity of anthropocentric needs to be acknowledged in order to reevaluate our moral values in order prevent the extinction of rhinos.
      • Website:
  • Residence Halls Association
  • VegIU
      • Veg at IU is a group for people interested in or currently engaging vegetarianism/veganism and all the different elements related to these lifestyles (health, environment, industry, animal ethics, outreach, and so on). We meetings and a handful of regular events, including dinners around town, cook outs, game nights, movie screenings, book readings/discussions and other get-togethers where everyone (vegetarian, vegan, or omnivore) meets up to enjoy sharing recipes, eating delicious vegetarian and vegan food, and discussing and learning about these diets/lifestyles. We also give a voice to vegans/vegetarians on campus by engaging with Residential Programs and Services to provide more on-campus veg dining options and correct issues such as mislabeling. We support, educate about, and delight in veg lifestyles.
      • Website:
  • Net Impact
    • The undergraduate Net Impact chapter at Kelley strives to educate Indiana University students about sustainable careers and enterprises as well as provide opportunities and connections in the industry. Net Impact is a new generation of leaders who use our careers to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Members put business skills to work for good throughout every sector, and by doing so, they hope to show that it’s possible to make a net impact that benefits not just the bottom line, but people and planet too. Website:
  • ReinvestIU
      • Reinvest is a campaign that advances local, statewide, and international efforts to transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. We demand that the IU Foundation reinvest its money from fossil fuel stocks to more sustainable businesses that are helping build our clean energy future. This is also an inclusive movement that seeks to amplify the voices of those affected by climate disruption. Young people are organizing worldwide, and institutions are rapidly divesting, leaving IU behind. Now it’s time for the university to recognize that we are nearing the end for dirty, dangerous and outdated fossil fuels.
  • IU Caving Club

    • The IU caving club is a organization of loosely affiliated cavers and cave enthusiasts. We lead monthly trips (sometimes several, they are free except for the cost of membership), organize cleanups, maintain ongoing mapping projects, and just do a lot of cave related things.
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Leadership Resources

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Green Event Planning

From concerts and festivals to guest lectures to weekly meetings, student organizations plan many events on campus. No matter how large or small your event, our green events page can help your organization plan more sustainable events. The page includes information about the impact of events, planning tips, and access to the green events certification process,

IU Sustainability Fund

The Student Sustainability Council (SSC) oversees the management of the IU Sustainability Fund, an optional student fee by which students may donate $5 while registering for classes. Individuals and student organizations, regardless of association with the SSC, are encouraged to submit proposals to use the funding for sustainability-advancing projects on campus. See the SSC's page for more information.

Look for more resources coming soon!