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The Office of Sustainability, Indiana University, and the City of Bloomington all have great transportation programs underway. The entire Bloomington community is here to help you take on sustainable transportation practices.

Read more about current initiatives below. Also look into the resources provided to learn more about alternative and sustainable transportation.

Current Programs & Initiatives

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Expand each tranportion option below to discover the current programs at IU. 

  • Bicycle
    • Bicycle Repair Stations
      A well-functioning bike is essential to safety. For quick and basic bike repairs, look out for two Fix-It stations on the IU campus, courtesy of Parking Operations. The repair stands, designed to hold your bike while you work, are free to use and include an air pump, screwdrivers, wrenches, and a tire lever. You will find them at the Herman B Wells Library and the Indiana Memorial Union.
    • Classes and Workshops
      IU Outdoor Adventures offers repair classes and riding workshops, helping you get better acquainted with your bike. For more information and to learn when the next class is offered, email the current transportation intern (contact available at Transportation Working Group site]
    • Bicycle Maps
      We have multiple maps to help you navigate your way through campus and the city of Bloomington. Our newest map gives the exact locations of all bike racks on campus!
      The Bloomington bicycle map also provides the following:
      · Signed bike routes and bicycle lanes
      · Side paths and connector paths
      · Multi-use trails
      · Bicycle shops and resources 
  • Bus
    • Campus Bus
      Free for Everybody! Visit the IU Campus Bus website to find Bus schedules and maps. The IU Campus Bus system offers a Stadium Express option to reduce the number of vehicles on campus. Another option for students who do not need to drive their vehicle late at night is the Night Owl route.
    • Bloomington Transit
      Free for Studends! The Bloomington Bus lines will take you throughout the city. Their website provides routes and schedules.
    • Bus Tracking
    • Double Map offers live bus tracking for all Campus Busses. They even have an app for your smartphone!
  • Carpooling and Carsharing
    • Carpool
      Indiana University Transportation Services offers a carpool program that reduces the costs of parking permits for members of a carpool, as long as you register with Transportation Services.
    • Commute Calculator: Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority maintains a Commute Cost Calculator
    • RideShare
      One.IU offers a site to post carpooling & ridesharing opportunities in the “Classifieds” section under “Rideboard & Carpooling.” Zimride provides free trip matching for those trying to fill their seats or catch a ride.
    • Zipcar
      The university has partnered with Zipcar to bring carsharing to Bloomington. Carsharing may improve mobility, reduce vehicle miles travelled, reduce greenhouse gas emission levels, reduce traffic congestion and parking problems, increase alternative transportation options, offer economic savings for members, and expand access to cars to individuals who do not own a vehicle.
  • Living Sustainably - Transportation Options
    • The Office of Sustainability has created a powerful resource for understanding your transportation options. This comprehensive guide is your ticket to getting around! You'll find resources on bike routes, safety, and ownership; bus routes and times; walking safety and routes, ridesharing and carpooling information, and long-distance travel options.
External Resources

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League of American Bicyclists

  • The League of American Bicyclists provides rankings and recommendations to communities, universities, and businesses who are advocating for bicycling as a form of transportation.

Mother Nature Network - Green Transportation

  • Expert advice on all things green transportation: electric cars, electric bikes, improving gas mileage, hybrid cars, our DIY 100-mpg car, electric car conversions, wood gasification, and more.

Atlantic Cities - Commute

  • The Atlantic Cities explores the most innovative ideas and pressing issues facing today’s global cities and neighborhoods. By bringing together news, analysis, data, and trends, the site is an engaging destination for an increasingly urbanized world.