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Goals & Progress

The IU Office of Sustainability has been focusing on transportation issues since its inception. The program has focused on understanding transportation demand - why people choose certain options. Using this information, we have and will continue to implement measures to encourage alternative transport.
See our Goals and Achievements below:

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The Campus Sustainability Advisory Board outlines in their publication "A Decade of Sustainability - 2020 Vision" that by the year 2020, there will be 20% reduction in single occupancy vehicles on campus. In order to achieve that goal, alternative transportation infrastructures must be expanded and improved.

The 2010 IUB Campus Master Plan states a goal to "increase the use of lower impact modes of transportation in lieu of reliance on single-occupancy vehicles." Learn more about the Campus Master Plan's discussion on alternative transportation.

Recent Progress and Accomplishments

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Spring 2010:

  • ZipCar begins offering carsharing in IU, decreasing demand for private vehicles

Fall 2010 - Spring 2011:

Fall 2011 - Summer 2012:

  • Bicycle Steering Committee established, providing voice for campus cyclists.
  • Research into Bicycle Share Programs, understanding function

Fall 2012 - Spring 2013:

Previous Internships

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Summer 2007

Transportation Survey, Summer 2007: Justin Naab worked to quantify how people get to work and school and what constraints may limit individual transportations choices and/or desires.

Summer 2008

Alternative Transportation Planning, Summer 2008: Julie Harpring and Mike Steinhoff worked on alternative transportation initiatives for IU students and staff, including the development of an online map of designated cycling routes in Bloomington and on Campus.

Academic Year 2008-2009

Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure, Academic Year 2008-2009: Patrick Bourland worked to identify several deficiencies in the provision of cycling and pedestrian infrastructure on campus.

Transportation Demand Management, Academic Year 2008-2009: Wes Kocher researched policies enacted at peer institutions and explored options for implementation at IUB.

Summer 2009

Carsharing Implementation Study, Summer 2009: Sarah Germann evaluated the alternatives of the adoption and implementation of a University carsharing program. She also evaluated the variables and outcomes from other University’s carsharing programs

Academic Year 2009-2010

Bike and Pedestrian Infrastructure, Academic Year 2009-2010:  Andy Davis identified and evaluated ways to support IUB and the Bloomington community as they develop short and long term ways to implement alternative transportation projects.

Feasibility of Acquiring Alternatively Fueled Buses, Academic Year 2009-2010: Ashleigh Klingman assessed the feasibility of purchasing alternatively-fueled buses for the IU fleet as well as the impact these buses could have on sustainability at IU.

Academic Year 2010-2011

Campus Bike Initiatives, Amy O'Shea

Summer 2011

Bike Friendly Campus Initiatives, Rachel Abrahams

Academic Year 2011-2012

Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiatives, Hannah Hunt

Summer 2012

Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiative, Kevin Sonoff laid the groundwork and Tim Clark continued the effort  in researching bringing a bicycle sharing network to IU.

Academic Year 2012-2013

Bicycle Friendly Campus Initiatives, Tim Clark partnered with campus and Bloomington groups in improving the cycling community of the region.