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IU Recycling Guide

IU recycling guide

Frequently Asked Recycling Questions

  • Where do I take my recycling?
    • Look for recycling bins around campus
    • The city of Bloomington has several recycling locations. Follow this link for more information.
  • How is recycling sorted?
    • Campus recycling is single stream: All recyclables can go into the same bin
    • RPS recycling is dual stream: Paper is sorted into one bin and plastics/glass/aluminum into a second bin
    • Bloomington city recycling is sorted differently depending on the location
    • Bloomington curbside recycling is dual stream
  • How is recycling at IU collected?
  • I have food in my recyclable object. Can I still recycle it?
    • Small amounts of food are acceptable. If your recyclable container is covered in food, please empty the food or liquid into a waste receptacle or compost bin before recycling the container.
  • Where can I find signage for a new (or old!) recycling bin?

How Do I Recycle:

Personal Items

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The following items are recyclable at any recycling bin around campus or at a Bloomington city recycling facility.

  • Paper
    • School papers, printer paper, junk mail, magazines, catalogs
  • Plastic
    • Plastics 1 - 7, plastic bags, plastic bottle caps, plastic coffee lids
    • Look for the "chasing arrows" symbol

                       Chasing arrows

  • Aluminum
    • Cans, aluminum foil (please remove food before recycling)
  • Glass
    • Food containers, glass jars, glass bottles (please remove food before recycling)
Special Personal Items

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The following items are recyclable, but only at special locations

  • Batteries
    • Batteries can be recycled in white paint buckets found at the loading docks of Ballantine Hall, the Wildermuth, and the IMU
    • Every RPS hall has a battery bucket in its center hall- see the front desk to recycle your batteries
    • If you are unsure of how to recycle your batteries, please see IU custodial staff
  • Light Bulbs
    • Please give all light bulbs to IU custodial staff and they will recycle them properly
  • Ink cartridges
    • Use the vendor mail-back system or mail them to the IU Surplus Store using campus mail: 2931 E 10th St
Departmental Items

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  • Departmental E-Waste
    • All IU-owned electronics can be given to the IU Surplus Store for recycling
    • Contact the Surplus Store at 812-855-2475 or visit their website
    • For information about safely removing IU data from electronics before recycling please see Protect IU
  • All Other Departmental Items
    • The IU Surplus Store will take all other IU-owned items including furniture and desk supplies. Please call IU Surplus at 812-855-2475 or visit their website.

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The IU Bloomington campus does not currently have a place to recycle personal electronics. However, there are several places around town where you can recycle your used electronics

  • Monroe County Solid Waste Management District 
    • The "District" will accept all items with a battery and/or cord. However, it will cost $20 to recycle any items with a screen (laptops, TVs, phones, etc.). Electronics are only accepted at the South Walnut Recycling Center.

  • Free: Bloomington Goodwill
  • Free: Bloomington BestBuy
    • BestBuy takes all cords, batteries, printers, laptops, computers. They may not take television or computer screens. You can drop off at entrance or customer service desk. Some items, including printers, are eligible for BestBuy coupons.

  • Money Back: Bloomington Iron and Metal
  • Regional Options and Non-Profits
    • Child Adult Resource Services in Rockville: Child Adult Resource Services in Rockville
    • C.A.R.S. Has a Services Cycle Point Project with Source America wherein adults with disabilities are employed to recycle electronics Located in Rockville, IN 765-569-2076
Non Recyclables

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  • Plastic, non-biodegradable silverware
  • Coffee cups from RPS facilities (sleeves and lids ARE recyclable)
  • Starbucks hot beverage cups (lid and sleeve ARE recyclable
  • Straws
  • Styrofoam (if it is labeled #6, it IS recyclable)