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Indiana University’s cutting edge information technology services and infrastructure make the university a global leader in information technology. As a global computing powerhouse, IU is utilizing new technology initiatives to reduce the university’s impact on the environment. From adopting “green” technology purchasing practices to establishing environmentally sound e-waste disposal procedures, IU is committed to creating a sustainable computing environment.

As members of the Indiana University community, we have a responsibility to be sustainable with our technology. From the Big Red II supercomputer to the thousands of computers used by students, faculty and staff, IU’s computing habits have a major impact on the university’s carbon footprint. By educating ourselves about the best practices of sustainable computing, we can reduce the impact IU has on the planet. Select the In Context tab to learn how you can lessen your technology impact.

  • In Context

    In Context

    What is sustainable computing? How can we reduce the many impacts of technology use?

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    Goals & Progress

    Learn about IU’s progress in sustainable IT

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    Working Group

    Read about the people on campus who share the vision and concern for sustainability in IT

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    Programs & Resources

    Find out what you can bring to the table!

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