Working Groups

Explore sustainability at Indiana University by topic. The Office of Sustainability approaches this broad field through seven lenses. Click on a topic to discover more.

  • Energy & the Built Environment

    Energy & the Built Environment

    Buildings account for 40% of all energy consumption in the U.S.

    Energy & the Built Environment »

  • IT


    Sustainable Information Technology requires us to examine both the total impact of our technology use and the benefit our technology systems provide.

    IT »

  • Education and Research

    Education and Research

    Learn about the diverse group of people planning our next steps in sustainability research and education.

    Education and Research »

  • Environmental Quality & Land Use

    Environmental Quality & Land Use

    We are tasked with maintaining the integrity of our limited air, water, and land resources.

    Environmental Quality & Land Use »

  • Food


    Food is a primary interface between sustainability and personal choice.

    Food »

  • Resource Use & Recycling

    Resource Use & Recycling

    The waste we generate has enormous impacts on our environment and communities.

    Resource Use & Recycling »

  • Transportation


    Campuses contribute greatly to greenhouse gas emissions through transportation.

    Transportation »