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Environmental Quality

This topic area explores how we can utilize resources such as air, land, and water in ways that are mutually beneficial to the environment and population.  Given the limited nature of these resources, it is imperative that we care for them in a way that ensures their longevity, while meeting the present needs of the community. Based in both operations and academics, this area implements initiatives aimed at improving the current and future health of both the IU community and environment. Collaborative research and implementation projects have helped IU assess the overall quality of our campus resources and potential impacts on campus well being.

  • In Context

    In Context

    What does EQLU address? Why are environmental quality and land use policies important?

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  • Goals & Progress

    Goals & Progress

    What EQLU-related initiatives and research have been developed on campus?

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    Working Group

    Learn more about and get involved with the EQLU Working Group

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    Programs & Resources

    Learn more about environmental quality and land use issues and policies

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