Working Groups

Education and Research

Goals and Progress

When the Office of Sustainability’s Campus Sustainability Advisory Board developed the “2020 Vision” for the IU Bloomington campus sustainability initiative, they focused on academic programs. Although many sustainability programs were starting to take shape, a concerted effort to build upon existing programs and to add new opportunities fueled a fire that burns strong today.

Internship Developments

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  • Website Redesign, Summer 2012; Aliya Mood updated content on the IUOS website on behalf of the Academic Initiatives Working Group.


  • Program Definition, Summer 2011; Elizabeth Davis prioritized the Academic Initiatives Working Group’s goals to include AASHE STARS compliance, curricular activities, academic research, and co-curricular activities.
  • New program, Environmental and Sustainability Studies, proposed.
  • Program Prioritization and Evaluation, Academic Year 2011-2012; Alexi Lamm evaluated each working group for effectiveness, realizing in need for better performance measurements for each academic initiative.


  • “Sustain.ability: Thriving on a Small Planet” Themester.
  • A new Ph.D. minor in sustainable energy sciences introduced.


  • Utility Media Relations, Summer 2009; Veronica Rog disseminated information about IUB’s Central Heating Plant, including the steps they have taken to reduce carbon emissions and save the university money.
  • Establishment of IU Office of Sustainability.
  • Themester Magazine, Academic Year 2009-2010; Hana Ros helped prepare for the College of Arts & Sciences Fall 2010 Themester sustain.ability: Thriving on a Small Planet.
  • Sustainability Research Development Grants and Sustainability Teaching Awards first offered.


  • Education and Outreach, Summer 2008; Joshua Hunter continued to conceptualize the Sustainability Clearinghouse, and promoted a proposal for campus-wide Interactive Habitats.
  • Green Orientation, Summer 2008; Kevin Pozzi provided residence halls with resources such as the Indiana Sustainable Student (a student handbook on campus sustainability), light switch stickers, and a Resident Assistant Guide on Sustainability.
  • Sustainability and the Libraries, Summer 2008; Deepak Sridhar assessed IUB libraries for sustainability in 7 major areas, concluding that library employees must be actively engaged in the sustainability initiative.
  • Sustainability Clearinghouse, Academic Year 2008-2009; Elizabeth Beeler McWhorter introduced the sustainability Clearinghouse, which acts as a hub for information, instruction, and networking for sustainability-minded community members.
  • Sustainability and Diversity, Academic Year 2008-2009; Aimee Light assessed the level of minority group involvement in sustainability-related activities.
  • Utility Media Relations, Academic Year 2008-2009; Abby Schwimmer bridged the gap between IUB’s Central Heating Plant and the community by producing public relations material which highlights the Plant’s sustainability practices.


  • IU Task Force on Sustainability (now Campus Sustainability Advisory Board) created.
  • Academic Survey of Campus Sustainability, Summer 2007; Tatyana Ruseva analyzed sustainability-related academic programs, scholarly and co-curricular activities, and residential & cultural life in order to gauge environmental literacy at IUB.